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Global Warming

Global warming,பூமி வெப்பமடைதல்

Global Warming . Co2 Emission . Mother Earth In ICU
"Global Warming is a Global Warning"

World prime issue is breathing air problem . One can live without solid food for fifteen days.Same way one can live without water for seven days.Whereas no one can live without air even for a minute .Such a Vital air contaminated to the core. Normal composition of air is 78% Nitrogen,21% Oxygen And 1% Inert gases.Among inert gases carbondioxide is so vital.In a normal air carbondioxide level is suppose to be less than 350PPM (Parts Per Million).

Whereas by end of november 1988 carbondioxide level in the air crossed normal pelatable level of 350 PPM.Then slowly increased over the years due to accelerated carbon lifestyle and reached 400 PPM on 12 th May, 2013.

Today during JANUARY 2017 Carbondioxide level in the air has crossed 410 PPM .

When one look at all these carbondioxide numbers in a discreet manner it look like a simple incremental numbers.Whereas if one look at the problem in totality that is carbondioxide level in atmospheric air is growing exponentially.

Main cause for Global warming is carbondioxide release during fossil fuel burning for power production, burning of petrol and diesel in cars.

This is a high time for all of us to reduce our carbon foot print by simple lifestyle. As a first step say good bye to Air conditioned car and travel in natural air. Next step is say goodbye to diesel vehicle which pollute 1500 times compared to petrol vehicle. As a third step settle for small size petrol car rather than big size vehicle , to save precious petrol as well as reduced carbondioxide emmission for every kilometre travel. As a forth step settle for electrical vehicle.

It can be solved by three things which produces 24 hours oxygen. Three trees can solve this problem

They Are
3.Holy Basil

1 2010 400 PPM
2 2020 450 PPM
3 2050 500 PPM

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