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K . Balasubramaniyan

Global Green Growth Group

Founder 4G tulasi
{Moochu Tulasi Movement (7400 crores Tulasi Plantation mission to save mother earth from ICU)}.

Brief Profile of Tulasi K.Balasubramaniyan

1) Academic Qualification:
Tulasi K Balasubramaniyan is basically a Mechanical Engineer. Then, qualified himself as diploma in Chemical, Process, Instrumentation and Control. Then he moved on to management discipline. He did his post graduate diploma in Financial Management, then he did MBA (Marketing ) & then M.Phil (Management). Presently he is doing Ph.D in " Green Marketing".
His Research Mission is " Good Bye to Petrol & Diesel car and create carbon less world "
His area of research interest is 'Dissemination of ElectriCity Car charged by Renewable Energy,that is fuel free ,IC Engine free Eco friendly Lithium Battery operated Car'.

2) Management Consultant:

He is the CEO of Creative Management Consultancy (CMC), Trichi & Chennai. Presently, he is acting as a Hard Core Management and Project Consultant for over 75 Companies.
3) Visiting Professor:

He is a Visiting Management Professor for over 35 Management Institutions.
Prof.KB is having unique distinction of produced over 15,000 M.B.A students in the last 24 years.

4) Management Book Writer:

He has written 27 Management Books. Out of that Enterprise wide information system (EIS) has emerged as only prescribed text book of Bharathidasan University for BCA & B Sc (IT).
Presently ,he is working on World Class book on "Strategic Management " for Ane Books ,New Delhi ,in Association with B.S Abdul Rahman University ,Chennai, Author's Forum. International Edition of Book with his 16 years of effort,will be released shortly.

5) Corporate Trainer:

He is a regular trainer for BHEL (Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited),HRDC - Trichy.
In the past trained over 7000 employees ranging from GM to Worker level.
He is also a Trainer for Tamil Nadu Agricultural Engineering Training Institute, Trichi, Irriagtion Management Training Institute ( IMTI ) ,Trichi trained over 2500 employees .

6) Tamil Book Writer:

He has written 10 Tamil Self development books.
Print volume of these self development motivational books crossed over one lakh copies and created significant impact in the minds of Tamil youth.
Tamil readers affectionately call him as “Chinthanai Cirpi”.
His blogspot www.chinthanaicirpi.blogspot.com ,link:chinthanaicirpi is one of the top 50 Tamil Blog spot having committed readers from over 100 countries ,viewed his 31,259 plus web pages.
It is a blog created by us at 2010 .

7) Motivational Speaker:

In the past,Motivated over 3500 Teachers/ Faculties & 40,000 students of various Nursery & Primary, Middle, High School and Higher Secondary Schools, Colleges & University.
His 'You Tube' motivational speech 8 videos were viewed by over 35,000+ people all over world.Click on YOUTUBE icon to see our youtube channel.

Audio Speech :

Download Audio: mp3

8) Social Worker:

8.1 Genius Educational Trust
Founder trustee and Secretary of Genius Educational Trust,Trichi.
Presently Genius Educational Trust is running Bharathiyar University Study Centre for Trichi as well as Periyar University Study Centre for Trichi & Pudukotai.
In this process acted as a catalyst for producing 3,500 + UG,PG & Research Scholars in the last 10 years.
He is the Regional coordinator of Bharathiyar University, Trichi Region.
He is also running a " Genius Nursery and Primary School " , at Pudukkottai,which is a model school of entire Pudukotai District based 185 schools.
8.2. Global Green Growth Group :
He is the Founder of " Global Green Growth Group " (4G).
4G is the only Non Governmental organisation in the whole world exclusively focusing in mitigating Global warming,by way of reversing CO 2 clock to Sustainable November,1988 level through large scale,7,400 crore Tulasi plantation.
That is reducing CO 2 level from unpalatable level of 410 PPM exist as on date to sustainable level of 350 PPM through large scale Tulsi ( Holy Basil) Cultivation.
Tulsi is the only plant in the whole world which offer 20 hours Oxygen and 4 Hours Ozone,which will solve two prime issues of world,that is CO 2 reduction as well as Ozone layer depletion. ( www.tulasitulasi.org )
He has created impact in over 10 lakh minds in the last 3 years about importance of growing Tulasi in every house & Propagating message of "Mitigating Global Warming Through Holy Basil ( Thulasi )"
He has released 16 classic Thulasi books in the last 3 years and sold 1.5 lakh Thulasi books.
Various leading newspapers and magazines published his Thulasi articles.
Trichi AIR ( All India Radio ) , Rainbow FM ,covered his live Tulasi interview for an hour and paved a way to reach Tulasi way to mitigate global warming to over half a lakh audience.
He is instrumental for development of over ten thousands of Kitchen / Balcony Tulasi Garden,Hundreds of back yard Tulasi garden and tens of large scale Tulasi Herbal Garden in Tamil Nadu.
8.3. World Water Wisdom :
He is the Founder of " World Water Wisdom " ( W W W ),yet another a non profit outfit.
Main mission of W W W is to create water wisdom among common man , mainly to drink Alkaline water or Bio water rather than RO to lead a healthy life.
Second mission is to make every world citizen to drink quality water at a affordable cost. To act as catalyst in installing portable bio water station in every classroom of schools and to develop future citizen in a healthy manner.
Third mission is to conserve every drop of water,by introducing appropriate water processing technology like Livinguard ( 21 st Century Technology ) and to say Good Bye to RO ( Reverse Osmosis ) technology of 20 th Century.
9) Entrepreneur:

9.1 Quantum Quality Quest aQua
He is a Managing Partner of Quantum Quality Quest aQua ( 4 Q ), representing India's leading water treatment brands like
'ORG Bio' for offering Bio Water or Alkaline Water,
'Livinguard' for offering Mineral Water with unique Knief Edge Technology and
'Aguapuro' for Reverse Osmosis ( RO ), for entire Tamil Nadu.
4Q bagged prestigious Srilanka Ministry of Special Projects,Safe cost effective water solution pilot project and scale up to whole of Srilanka,to solve 1,00,000 CKD ( Chronic Kidney Disease ) patients ,in the months to come in association with Livinguard
9.2 Book Publisher :
He is a Managing Partner of four professionally managed publications, with ISBN ,namely
1. GIGO Publications,
2. Patham Pathipagam
3. Thulasi Publications and
4. Tulsi International Books

He is having a unique distinction of Leading Management , Self Development books Author cum heading fast emerging leading Publications of Tamil Nadu.
9.2.1 GIGO Publications :
In the past,'Gigo Publication' released 7 management books in English.
9.2.2 Patham Pathipagam :
'Patham Pathipagam' released 10 Tamil Self Development books and sold 1 lakh copies.
9.2.3 Thulasi Publications :
'Thulasi Publications' released 16 classic books related to mitigating Global Warming through Tulasi and sold 1.5 lakh copies.
He is working on four path breaking Alkaline Hand book series,each 300 pages,totally 1200 pages comprehensive hand book.
Volume - 1 : Kara Unavu ( Alkaline Food ),
Volume - 2 : Kara Thaneer ( Alkaline Water ),
Volume - 3 : Kara katru ( Alkaline Air ),
Volume - 4 : Kara Manam ( Alkaline Mind )
9.2.4 Thulasi International Books :
' Thulasi International Books ' just opened it's account with maiden first book.
9.3 Cosmic Group of Companies
He is a Director in Half a dozen companies related to his vision of creating Carbon less World.
Cosmic Group of companies are having Two dozen tie up with World Class companies focussing in Energy Saving range of products which includes world renowned 3M.
9.4 CS Green Power :
He is a director of CS Green Power Private Limited, Pondichery. Installed so many KW level Solar power plants in various schools ,Engineering colleges and other institutions,in association with Kotak Urja,Bangalore. Planning for MW Solar Power plant in Karnataka.
9.5 Chairman, Tulasi Group of companies
At present ,he is heading... 9 companies

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