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4G Tulasi

Global Green Growth Group :

  • He is the Founder of " Global Green Growth Group " (4G).

  • 4G is the only Non Governmental organisation in the whole world exclusively focusing in mitigating Global warming,by way of reversing CO 2 clock to Sustainable November,1988 level through large scale,7,400 crore Tulasi plantation.

  • That is reducing CO 2 level from unpalatable level of 410 PPM exist as on date to sustainable level of 350 PPM through large scale Tulsi ( Holy Basil) Cultivation.

  • Tulsi is the only plant in the whole world which offer 20 hours Oxygen and 4 Hours Ozone,which will solve two prime issues of world,that is CO 2 reduction as well as Ozone layer depletion. ( www.tulasitulasi.org )

  • He has created impact in over 10 lakh minds in the last 3 years about importance of growing Tulasi in every house & Propagating message of "Mitigating Global Warming Through Holy Basil ( Thulasi )"

  • He has released 16 classic Thulasi books in the last 3 years and sold 1.5 lakh Thulasi books.

  • Various leading newspapers and magazines published his Thulasi articles.

  • Trichi AIR ( All India Radio ) , Rainbow FM ,covered his live Tulasi interview for an hour and paved a way to reach Tulasi way to mitigate global warming to over half a lakh audience.

  • He is instrumental for development of over ten thousands of Kitchen / Balcony Tulasi Garden,Hundreds of back yard Tulasi garden and tens of large scale Tulasi Herbal Garden in Tamil Nadu.

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